Salsa corporate classes in Bangalore, India

Enable your staff to learn a new skill, use salsa as a team building exercise, and fun approach towards working together as a group and dance at the same time.

We will provide a tailored solution. We regularly run short in-house courses within offices for work colleagues, which are very successful

Prices are dependent on the services you choose and the number of attendees.

If you’re not sure what services suit you best, please contact us and we’ll help you select the elements you need for a successful and fun experience for everyone.

Level 1 Course is a 24 hour syllabus, which will be covered in a span of 3 months with 2 hours per week. The objective of this course is enabling the students to understand the basic lead and follow techniques to help them build confidence. By the end of the course, they would be able to dance any song with any partner without much repetition. Class timings can be according to your convenience.

This 2 hour session is a perfect way to introduce yourself to Salsa/Bachata in order to dance with partners within a shorter period of time. The course will give an introduction to fundamentals and concepts used in dancing while partnering . A syllabus outline is provided for each student so that all the goals and concepts are mapped out ahead of time. In addition, time is allotted at the end of the course for each student to practice what they have learned through this session and to ask questions to the instructor.

If you want a choreographer to train your employees who can perform on the stage for your annual celebrations, this workshop will be a really good idea.