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Do I need a partner?

No, you do not need a partner as we rotate people throughout the classes. Rotating partners through the class is a great way to meet new people – and perfect your dancing. Salsa is not just a partner dance but also a SOCIAL dance and community is a strong part of that equation.

What should I wear to class?

There are no rules on what to wear. However, you might find it useful to wear shoes with a smooth sole to enable you to turn comfortably and clothes which let you move freely. If you don’t have salsa shoes – no worries. We recommend you bring a fresh pair of thin socks to change into, for the class. NOTE: Outside footwear is not allowed in the studio.

Who can Salsa?

Our classes are for those over 18 – most of our students are adults. However we do make exceptions on a case by case basis so give us a shout-out and we will sort you out.
A common follow-on to this, we sometimes get people asking, “I am 25, 30, 40, (or any number) and have never danced before. Will I be able to do this, can I learn Salsa.”
Absolutely – age is no barrier. We have had students ranging from those fresh out of college, to middle managers, stay-at-home housewives, retiree couples – you name it. You can be 16 or 61 – the only thing stopping you is yourself. So give us a shout and drop in to one of our trial classes.

Do I need to be fit?

Short answer – no. Anyone with a basic mobility can join in. Salsa is a low impact dance and the intensity is completely in your hands. If you up the intensity, it is a fantastic workout and a great way to get fitter too. You can also relax and take it easy if it gets too much. Salsa is about having fun on the dance floor and a lot of folks find that the inbuild socially based activities motivates them keep moving, and dancing.

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