Salsa instructors in Bangalore, India

Ranjani is a fascinating dancer and a Salsa dynamo. Her style of dancing is characterized by  Musicality, Spontaneity and Sensuality. Ranjani has an Indian Classical Dance background. Having started with Bharathanatyam at a tender age, she pursued it for most of her teenage years. This strong foundation shows through in her dancing and she is a pleasure to watch on the dance floor.What many people would not know is that, in addition to dance, Ranjani is also a Fashion Designer from NIFT.

Ten years ago, she fell in love with Salsa. So when Salsa became an addiction, she took it one step further by becoming a trainer, certified by Edie the Salsa Freak (USA).

If dancing was a mode of communication/speech, then today she is well versed in the Latin languages of Cha-Cha and Bachata apart from Salsa of course.

Currently, she is training in Ballet, Modern and Yoga.

Kaushal is a Salsa Dynamo and a very fun dancer on the social floor. He is known for complex yet smooth leading and is one of the popular salsa performer and instructor in the Indian Latin dance community. In fact he is one of the top male latin dancers in the country. In 2009, when Kaushal discovered salsa – he initally danced as a weekend hobby but quickly got serious and ended up immersing himself in the technicality and nuances of the form. He dances Salsa “On 1” and is also well versed in Bachata . Until mid-2015, he was a faculty at the Latino Rhythms Dance Academy and later that year he partnered with Ranjani and is now and integral part of the Palladium Dance Company.

Some of Kaushal’s achievements include –

•    Placed 3rd in the Asian Semi-Pro salsa championship, 2013 (With Priyanka Mantri)

•    Placed 3rd in the Asian Semi-Pro salsa championship, 2014 (Solo)

Kaushal has solid choregraphy experience and has choreographed some very creative routines for his students. One of the routines choreographed by him for his students led them to win the Amateurs Championship at the Chennai Salsa Festival, 2014. When he is not teaching and social dancing over the weekend. Kaushal works full-time as an Escalation Engineer at Microsoft. He continues to spread his knowledge & unique, sought-after style to dancers throughout the city

A Network Engineer by Fate… Salsasero by Passion! Tilak Balakrishnan got introduced to the magic of Salsa as a mere hobby but eventually found a Dancer in him and has been dancing ever since.

Being one of the oldest student of Palladium, he was fortunate enough to train himself extensively with Ranjani. In addition, he has not missed any opportunity coming his way to learn from International and National Dancers at various Salsa Congresses and festivals across India. Tilak is one of the most important member of the performing team of Palladium. He expresses himself better by Salsa than any of the Indian languages!

Already known to be a smooth lead, Tilak is on his way to grow up the ladder by exploring deeper in Salsa and building his own style in it. He also assists Ranjani in most her classes for beginners and intermediate batches. His outgoing personality and light humor adds a lot of fun to the classes. When he is not pushing his limits in Salsa, he is mostly found pursuing his interests in nutrition and gymming. A friend to the salsa community and already recognized as one of the regular faces in it, he aims at spreading Salsa awareness across India and turning MostHolics into SalsaHolics one day!

Once done solving the network problems at work, he fantasizes of becoming a full time Salsasero and doing big things in the Salsa Community.

Though an interest in dance has been around since her younger days, Priyanka Shukla’s first formal training in dance has been with Salsa. Priyanka works for a startup in HR, but has been part of the Palladium team since the start of her salsa dancing days.

She helps get things moving by handling the ever-important tasks of handling enquiries and class schedules and is the go-to person for all information about the company.

As a dancer, Priyanka wants to grow her skills and hopes to train in Kathak soon. When she’s not on the dance floor or taking care of all-things-Palladium, she can be found making travel plans and spending time with there friends.